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Shemelle Soyebo

b. 1991, UK


Shemelle, also known by SoyShem, is a visual artist based in London from mixed Nigerian and Barbadian heritage.


While exploring her identity, connection to her culture and feelings of displacement in the world, Soyshem uses her imaginative flair to challenge the battle between escapism and acceptance in society.

Soyshem mainly uses Acrylic and oil paint to produce her craft but more recently, she elevates her art by experimenting with different mediums of paint and surfaces including fabrics and pouring paint techniques.

Taking the spectator on a journey, escaping the world's harsh realities. Her paintings display her search for freedom, comfort, safety, strength, connection, identity, self-acceptance, nature and what is 'home'.  

SoyShem studied Interior Architecture at University of Westminster but realised her true passion is in visual arts. Her style of art is influenced by science fiction, astronomy, the Pre-Raphaelites era, and her international travels. She draws from her life experiences and heritage within the African diaspora and how generations of people throughout time have relocated globally to adapt to new environments whilst incorporating their origins and culture.


Soyshem hopes her depictions of such can transcend visuals and aesthetics, to form internal connections.

SoyShem's intention is to create artwork to represent the voices of the unheard, forgotten, innocence and misunderstood of society while depicting positive representations of people, pushing the narrative of positive and meaningful imagery.  


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