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Shemelle Soyebo, also known as SoyShem, is a fine artist based in London who paints on canvas using acrylics to showcase the vibrancy and colour in her work. She uses her art to inspire and empower people of colour in her community to allow them to feel included and inspired whilst tackling discrimination and stereotypes. 

Putting a spotlight on the African diaspora, she presents her vision of self-love and self-worth, Mother Earth, and freedom of the mind. SoyShem's style of art is influenced by African cultures, the Pre-Raphalites era and her international travels. Enduring through the years, she draws upon her many experiences and exposure to varied cultures and ways of living, and depictions of art. 


Growing up, SoyShem didn't see herself represented in visual art. She saw a space that could be filled with portrayals of the harmony between all races and cultures, highlighted in her art, using her mixed Nigerian and Bajan heritage to accent her style. 

Photos taken at SOYSHEM’s 2019 Solo Exhibition in Old street, Central London
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SoyShem's mission is to nuance the idea that "Black Art" should be a separate genre by creating a place in the mainstream for works like hers.

She believes that through her art she can encourage people to question stereotypes and prejudgements. She uses her work to display purposeful images, depicting positive representations of people, pushing the narrative of positive and meaningful change. 

SoyShem finds comfort in painting real-life subjects expanded upon by her imaginative flair, to connect with others sharing the same sense of loss that she and many people around the world feel after being displaced geographically and losing connection with their culture. 


'We are all unique, powerful, and beautiful beings, and while finding opportunities can be challenging, it's not impossible!' 


Her mission is to inspire you to apply yourself to do what you love and follow your heart, no matter what society dictates.

Inspiration in Colour


Photo taken at the Black history month group exhibition in 2020 held at Westfield Stratford in East London.